Are you the right candidate for sports therapy, massage or injury management?







If you answered yes to any of the above you're the perfect candidate for sports therapy, massage or injury management. Welcome to Aspire Sports Therapy & Massage.


Aspire Sports Therapy & Massage can provide a wide range of different sports therapy skills and techniques to cater for your needs;

  • A full musculoskeletal examination and assessment to assess what is causing the pain and symptoms

  • Superficial and deep tissue massage to treat tired and injured muscles as well as a relaxation method

  • Joint mobilizations of peripheral joints or the spinal column to help reduce painful symptoms whether it be neurological, muscular or joint stiffness.

  • Specific well-tailored treatment and rehabilitation exercises which coincides with treatment to ensure that your weakened and damaged structures are stronger and more stable to ensure that the re-occurrence of injury is reduced.

  • A state relaxation within the workplace and at home.