7 great ways to exercise this winter!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

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As the nights draw in and the mornings are just as grey it's so much harder to exercise daily. In order to beat the winter gloom, the obvious option is to join a gym, but here are some other simple tips to keep you from piling on the pounds and losing all those health benefits you gained from working hard all summer.

Physio in Rotherham
Adjust your work pattern

1. Ask your employer about starting work earlier or finishing later if you can in order to fit some exercise into the part of the day that still has a little sunshine. An after lunch walk is a perfect way to get some fresh air, see a bit of daylight and feel a bit more human.

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Use an exercise app

2. Use an exercise app or DVD that guides you through a programme you can do from home without having to go out in dark. There are so many apps out there now that you're basically spoiled for choice.

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Buy new gear

3. Get yourself some new workout gear. Waterproof, fluorescent, reflective of course, with a head torch or a light for your bike. Once you’re out, it really won’t be that bad and buying new gear may just be the justification you need to get out there.

Physio in Rotherham
Take up a sport or hobby

4. Learn a new skill or take up a sport or hobby. Dancing is a proven way to loose weight and get more active. We've all seen Strictly Come Dancing and the weight those celebrities manage to lose! If you don't fancy loosening those snake hips, why not try cycling, squash, badminton, tennis, 5 a side football? There are so many activities you can try and there's bound to be a friend that wants to join you.

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Get a dog

5. Get a dog or borrow a dog from a friend. They will make you go for walks no matter what the weather and no matter how unmotivated you are and they will love you for it. Win-win! They also have the added bonus of being great for cuddles and keeping your feet warm when they have dried off! If you don’t fancy getting your own dog or taking your friends dog for a walk, you could take a rescue dog for a walk from an animal shelter.

Physio in Rotherham
Workout with a friend

6. Get a friend to work out with so that you both drive each other and stop the other from slacking off. Have a small bet on who can lose more weight within a sensible and achievable time frame.

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Get into the countryside

7. Get out into the countryside at the weekend. We're surrounded by beautiful countryside here in Rotherham. We're so close to the Peak District and unless the weather is awful, walking in the winter is often nicer than in the summer because it's less busy, plus the pub at the end is loads more rewarding with a fire!

Whatever you choose from the list above, have fun and stay safe. Make sure you have the right equipment and get out there and remember if you feel any aches or pains then we're her to help. Aspire Sports Therapy in Rotherham specialise in:

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