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We can get you moving again. Welcome to Aspire 

Sports Therapy & Massage.


Welcome to Aspire Sports Therapy & Massage in Rotherham. We have a private clinic but we also offer a mobile service so that you can have treatment in a comfortable familiar environment. We provide a full range of sports therapy services in Rotherham that include:

  • Full musculoskeletal examinations

  • Superficial and deep tissue massages

  • Joint mobilizations

  • Specific treatment and rehabilitation exercises 

  • A state relaxation within the workplace and at home.

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Hello and welcome. My name is Reece Liversidge and I run Aspire Sports Therapy & Massage in Rotherham. I'm a fully qualified sport therapist and rehabilitator, and I'm based in Rotherham, graduating from Teesside University with a bachelor of science (2:1) in 2018.


I offer a Sports Therapy & Massage service in Rotherham to the general public and to amateur and professional sports people, helping them to recover and enabling them to participate in their chosen profession or hobbies.



Sports Therapy or Rehabilitation is a set of measures that aid individuals who are currently or who have experienced disability or trauma to help maintain optimal functioning and interaction with daily routines and hobbies within their environment. Sports Therapy or Rehabilitation involves the identification of a patients needs and problems to then plan rehabilitation to them to a stable state in relation to their injury, thus reducing further harm.

Sports Therapy or Rehabilitation is based on several different concepts;

  • Return body to normal function and preventing any reoccurring damage to the structures

  • Regain pre-injury capabilities

  • Reduce pain

  • Fast/complete recovery, limiting future re-injury

  • Prompting mobility

  • Strengthen weakened structures to aid in stability and control